May 10, 2020
by Hy-Vee KidsFit

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between the KidsFit Club, the 5-Week Challenge and the KidsFit App?

The KidsFit Club, 5-Week Challenge and KidsFit app are all separate and always FREE resources created to help your family live a healthy life and have fun while doing it!

The KidsFit Club is a monthly newsletter sent out at the beginning of each month. Each newsletter has a theme and 4 activities (an EAT, PLAY, LEARN and CHALLENGE) for your family to complete together. Being a part of the Club is a great way to build healthy habits and be rewarded for doing so! Click here to learn more.

The 5-Week Challenge is an online program designed to let kids take control of their health and wellness. The 5-Week Challenge has one activity a day for 5 weeks. Click here to learn more about the 5-Week Challenge.

The KidsFit app allows kids to take their personalized Avee on a virtual healthy and wellness journey. This fun and free app teaches health and wellness habits through a series of educational mini games and challenges. Click here to learn more about downloading the KidsFit app.

  • Should I use a parent or child email when signing up for the KidsFit Club?

Use a parent’s email when signing up for the KidsFit Club.

  • How do I update my KidsFit Club information?

To update your KidsFit Club information, click the “Profile” link at the bottom of any past newsletter. From here, you can update your email, address, number of family members and your preferred Hy-Vee.

  • There is more than one kid in my family, should I sign them all up for the KidsFit Club?

No, one sign-up per household will be sufficient. When you join the KidsFit Club you will be asked how many family members are joining.

  • How do I link my KidsFit Club membership to my Hy-Vee Fuel Saver + Perks reward card?

When signing up for the KidsFit Club, use the same email that is associated with your Fuel Saver card. If you are already signed up for the KidsFit Club, click the “Profile” link at the bottom of a past newsletter to update your email.

  • How Do I update the email used for my Fuel Saver account?

Click here, to be taken to update your Fuel Saver account. 

  • What am I signing in to on the home page of the website?

The sign-in at the top of our is for the 5-Week Challenge.

  • How do I update my 5-Week Challenge?

Sign in to your 5-Week Challenge at the top of then you can see your progress or continue the challenge by clicking the 5-Week Challenge tab. To update your 5-Week Challenge profile, click the “Profile” button located at the top of our website after signing in.