April 5, 2015
by Daira

3 Reasons to be ACTIVE Every Day!

Did you know that kids need 60 minutes of activity a day? That’s hard to do when you are sitting at school most of the day. Sometimes kids who don’t play or enjoy sports struggle with being active. It is important to understand that playing sports is not the only way to be active. Do you know why it is important to be active?

  1. Being active builds strong muscles and bones

  2. Staying active every day helps maintain a healthy weight

  3. Being active daily gives you a positive outlook on life to do better in school and increase your confidence

Now, let’s brainstorm ways we can be active throughout the day when you don’t have P.E. at school. Being active doesn’t always mean planned exercise. Being active can mean going outside and playing. Use your imagination!

Take a few minutes and think about what you can do before or after school to stay active.

Here are a few ideas:    

  • Go to the park
  • Walking the dog
  • Complete a Hy-Vee KIDSFIT PLAY DAY
  • Shooting baskets outside
  • Riding bikes with friends