January 19, 2021
by Daira

At Home 5-Day Squat Challenge

February is American Heart Month. Celebrate as a family by creating new habits, hosting an at-home squat challenge. The 5-Day KidsFit Squat Challenge will strengthen your heart and your muscles. 

Here's How You Do It: 

  1. Print off the recording sheet for your family HERE
  2. Learn how to do a squat 
  3. Have a conversation about GOAL setting with your family 
  4. Set up  strategies for how and when you will complete your SQUATS.
    • How will you build STRENGTH physically and mentally during the challenge?
    • How can you stay DETERMINED and keep your mind in a positive place?
    • How will you PERSEVERE when the challenge is tough?
    • How will your family CELEBRATE your achievements?
  5. Record your daily totals 
  6. Submit you challenge HERE

Have fun! Follow us on Instagram and TikTok for fun ways to increase your squat total with music!

Instagram: @hvkidsfit 

TikTok: @hyvee_kidsfit

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