October 4, 2019
by Abbott, Inc.

A Dash of Math, A Cup of Yum

Most kids enjoy learning, IF you make it fun. Recipes are a great way to teach A Dash of Math, A Cup of Yumpractical applications for math—from fractions and addition to multiplication and division.

Bonus: Making things together strengthens your bond and builds kids’ confidence.

Here’s how you can introduce some basic math principles in the kitchen:

1. Quantify

Understanding what “a cup,” “2 tablespoons,” or “half a teaspoon” looks like can give kids an idea how much of an ingredient they need.

2. Measure

Introduce your little one to measuring tools and show them how to fill and read them properly.

3. Add appliances

Kids love gadgets. Give them a chance to use a mixer or blender—once you have instructed them on its safe use and provide close supervision.

4. Double and divide

After making a recipe as written, challenge your little chefs to make a double batch or to cut it in half.

5. Plus it up!

Part of the fun of baking or blending up snacks is personalizing them. Encourage kids to get creative by adding or swapping out ingredients.

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