May 1, 2017
by Hy-Vee Dietitian

A Handy Way to Know How to Eat Right

A Handy Way to Know How to Eat Right

Beverage and portion sizes are growing. But too much of anything is not a good thing - especially for our bodies. Eating too much of our favorite foods can do more harm than good. Remember to enjoy everything in moderation.

Here are some simple tips on how to monitor your food intake using a simple tool, your hand, as a guide to recommended portion sizes.

  • Palm = size of meat
  • Thumbnail = size of butter, margarine, oil
  • Thumb = size of peanut butter, salad dressing or nuts
  • Fist = size of bread, casseroles, soup, vegetables or salad
  • One cupped hand = pasta, rice, beans, potatoes, cooked vegetables, pudding or ice cream
  • Two cupped hands = popcorn, pretzels or crackers


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