August 26, 2021
by Paiton, KidsFit Health Educator

All About Protein with the Pork Board

Protein is a vital part of a balanced diet. As one of three macronutrients, our bodies need protein to function. Our friends at the Pork Board know just how important this nutrient is, so we've teamed up to encourage you to give protein-rich pork a try!

Here's How You Do It!

  1. Download or print the All About Protein worksheet
  2. Complete the worksheet to discover 
    • Foods that contain protein
    • Protein content of different foods
    • Which protein foods and pork varieties you need to try
  3. Tell your parents all of the fun things you know about pork! 

Are you ready to give pork a try for your next family meal? Take a crack at the Pork Board's Cheddar Cracker Crusted Pork Chop Recipe!

PRO TIP: You can pick up pork in your family's next Hy-Vee haul!

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