May 28, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

Astronauts Exercise & Eats

Just as it is important to live a healthy life exercising and eating well on Earth, the same is true when living in space! Astronauts often exercise for up to two and a half hours on the international space station using bikes, treadmills, and resistance machines. In Space bones and muscles are not worked by gravity like they are on earth so this is why exercise is important to keep them strong.

Eating balanced meals in space is also very important for astronauts to get enough energy their bodies need. Food is dried and packaged so that it does not fly away and drinks come in a powdered form where you add water to them! This makes food last longer without growing old. Meals often include a variety of healthy foods that we eat on earth like vegetables, fruit, and protein. By exercising and eating right in space, astronauts come back to earth able to live a healthy life.

Earth is unique because it the only planet with life. Earth is the perfect size and distance from the sun so it provides the environment we live in with energy, oxygen, and water. This is why nature grows and creatures live. Try out the Hy-Vee KidsFit Plan a Planet Challenge and get creative with making your own planet that makes life grow!

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