June 8, 2021
by KidsFit Health Educator

Caring for the Skin You’re In

Did you know that your skin is an organ? That’s right! Your skin is actually your largest organ. About 15% of an average adult’s body weight comes from their skin. The skin has many jobs, but here are a few:

  • Protection

  • Body Temperature Control

  • Sense of Touch

  • Store water and fats

Our skin does so much for us! Use the tips below to give back to your skin so it can keep doing its job.

  1. Keep it clean! Taking a shower or bath at least three times a week is a good rule of thumb to make sure your skin is clean. You want to bathe in lukewarm water with gentle soap to keep your skin the happiest! 

  2. Soothe skin when needed. Our skin has the natural ability to heal itself but there are things we can do to help. Cleaning a wound, applying antibiotic ointment and then covering with a bandage may help soothe cuts or scrapes, just be sure to consult with a doctor for any health issue!

  3. See a dermatologist regularly. A dermatologist is a skin doctor. It is important to visit a dermatologist if you are experiencing itching, bumps, blotches or other skin symptoms. Regular checkups can also help avoid skin problems before they get serious. 

  4. Limit your time in direct sunlight. The sun's rays can damage your skin causing a sunburn and possible effects later in life. When outside for long periods, try to avoid direct sunlight by finding shade or wearing clothing that helps to cover your skin. 

  5. Protect it! Check out the video below from our friends at Neutrogena to learn more about protecting your skin with sunscreen! 


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