July 3, 2020
by Daira

Creating New Traditions

Due to the Pandemic and they uncertainty it brings, our plans can be with friends and family may be limited. I want to challenge you all to find new ways to celebrate so you don’t miss out on all the healthy benefits of gathering together socially.

The 4th of July is one of my favorite hometown celebrations. There is a race in the morning, parade and games throughout the afternoon and then winding down with a potluck with family and friends before fireworks.

Our 4th will look different this year. Races will be done virtually and the parade and potluck are cancelled. Instead of just not celebrating, I am planning our own 4th of July at home.

  1. Family Race Morning!
    • Races build confidence in independence and moving. Pick appropriate distances that the kids are confident in completing.
    • Side walk chalk a race path for my kids.
      • Mom vs Dad Race
      • Mom vs Kids Race
      • Dad vs Kids Race
      • Relay Races
  2. Game Time!
  3. Eat Together!

Stay tuned on Instagram to see how the whole KidsFit team is celebrating this weekend!

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