April 16, 2015
by Daira

Doing Your Personal Best!

Exercising should be fun. In fact, walking to school, riding bikes and playing kickball at recess are all considered exercise. You probably exercise all of the time without even realizing it!

It is good to pay attention to how hard you work while exercising. Your body will benefit if you exercise at the right level. Measuring how intense the activity is can be fun and easy.                          

Use a scale of 0 to 5.

For example, sleeping would count as 0 and exercising as hard as you can would count as 5. Assigning a number to how you feel while exercising will help you know how hard your heart is working.

  • Remember everyone's level for the same activity is different. For you, running a mile might be a 3, but for your friend it might be a 5.
  • When completing a PLAY DAY, try to exercise at a level 4. If that is too hard, back down to 3 until you feel comfortable.
  • As you exercise more, IT WILL GET EASIER. With every workout you will gain more CONFIDENCE in yourself and what your body can do!

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