July 7, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

Family Focus: Emotional Wellness

How are you feeling today? Happy? Sad? Excited? Maybe silly?

We all feel a variety of different emotions – both good and bad. It is part of who we are! Experiencing these wide ranges of feelings and identifying them is part of our Emotional Wellness.

Just like adults, children feel complex emotions too, but it can be a lot harder for them to recognize and voice those feelings to others. A great way to help you better understand your feelings is by giving them a label, or associating them with a color or item. This can help you better identify them, and make it easier to talk about them as well. 

Increase your Emotional Wellness with the help of these fun mood tracking activities. Complete them on your own, or get your whole family involved!

  1. Mood Meter

  2. My Month in Moods

  3. Go, Slow & Whoa Feelings

On top of understanding daily emotions, another key aspect to Emotional Wellness is having the ability to build self-confidence. The way you feel about yourself can easily influence the other areas of our emotional well-being. Building yourself up isn’t always the easiest task to accomplish, especially on your own!

PRO-TIP: Start by setting aside some time each day to reflect on all the amazing things that make you, YOU! Get started with the help of this confidence boosting activity!



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