June 19, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

Family Focus: Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness is all about a mutual respect between you and your environment. This means you not only treat the nature, buildings, things and people around with kindness but also tailor your environment to fit your needs. Finding a safe, clean environment with people who are a good influence on your life is good environmental wellness. Great environmental wellness is when you make an effort to better that environment as well. 

Use the activities below to celebrate your environmental wellness with your family!

  1. What a Wonderful World- Find the beauty in the world around you! 
  2. Backyard Camping- Cultivate your own perfect campground right in your own backyard! Appreciate the nature around you while remaining in control of your surroundings, a great way to practice environmental wellness for Rookies! 
  3. Recycle & Recharge- Give this workout honoring Earth Day a try to show appreciation for all the world has to offer!




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