July 10, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

Family Focus: Financial Wellness

Makings decisions with money can be difficult for anyone! Introducing financial skills at a young age can give kids a jump start on their financial wellness. 

Try the activities below to start building money management skills!

  1. Save, Spend, & Donate- Introduce your kids to the idea that money can be used for different purposes! Help the decide how much they want to put towards each fund!
  2. Price Is Right!Grocery shopping is a great life skill that helps us have confidence in our choices and where we spend our money.
  3. Chore ChartsBuild skills and awareness how kids and families can build schedules to help save time to be able to spend more time together.
  4. Play a Game of MonopolyMonopoly teaches us important financial skills that can translate how to be successful in real life by educating us on spending and saving money, debt, and home owning.



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