June 19, 2020
by Daira

Family Focus: Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness is all about challenging our brains! It's important to challenge both the creative and logical sides of our brains. Practicing intellectual wellness can help improve problem solving, critical thinking, communication and creativity! 

Try any of the activities below to strengthen your brain today!

  1. Wonder Journal- Kids ask an average of 288 questions per day! Fostering these ideas and letting kids think through their questions is a great way to promote brain development. 
  2. Brain Busters- Challenge your kids to slow down and use their problem solving skills with this fun & easy worksheet!
  3. Picasso Says- Activate the creative side of your brain and improve communication with this art challenge!
  4. Read- Reading is a great way to exercise the brain, it can improve vocabulary, spelling adn writing too! Check out these nutrition books recommended by Hy-Vee Dietitians for the KidsFit Bookshelf!
  5. Limit Screen Time- Too much screen time can hinder brain development. Consider setting a limit for your household. Learn about the recommended amount of screen time, here



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