June 5, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

Family Focus: Social Wellness

Connecting and communicating with others is a great skill to build long, lasting relationships. Follow along with three additional activities you can use to grow your Social Wellness.  Learn more about Social Wellness here.

  1. Putting on a ConcertBe your own DJ and put on a concert with your family and friends, this can be a combination of singing and dancing! Here’s some steps to help you put on your own concert!
  2. Video Chat Combat- Practice social wellness by bonding with friends and family who may be far away! 
  3. Family Game NightCreate memories with your family by holding a fun game night! Use any of the games you have at home or you can create your own with our fun ways to play and move.
  4. Creative CommunicationRelationships cannot grow without proper communication. Use any of these challenges to have some fun testing your communication in different ways.

Learn more about the other 8-Dimensions of Wellness with Find Your Smile!



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