August 3, 2021
by Morgan, KidsFit Coach

Fit for Me

Individuality plays an important role when it comes to exercise. You get to decide how and when you exercise. Planning your own workout can be overwhelming but we are here help with you an easy beginning template. 

First, let’s learn about three tools to build an individual training workout that is special for you.

Interval Training is the designed periods of rest and work while training. Your interval timing should match your fitness level which is unique to each person. Beginners may need more rest designed into their workout where as someone who has been working out for a long time my need less rest for their workout.

Below are your options for your interval time to complete each movement.

  • Rookie:     20 sec work/ 40 sec rest
  • Pro:           30 sec work/ 30 sec rest
  • All Star:    40 seconds work/ 20 sec rest

Strength Training builds strong muscles through adding resistance to movement. Resistance is anything that adds FORCE to your muscles, like gravity, body weight or even equipment. 

  • Lower Body:  
    • Quadriceps: the muscles that help you climb stairs
    • Hamstrings: the muscles that help you bend over to tie your shoes
  • Upper Body: 
    • Chest: the muscles that help you push open a door
    • Back: the muscles that help you sit up straight with great posture
  • Core:
    • Abdominals: the muscles that help you keep your balance
    • Lower Back: the muscles that help you stabilize & protect your spine

Cardiovascular Training raises your heart rate, pumps blood throughout your body which helps build endurance and strength in one of your most important muscles, your heart. Walking is one of the simpliest and most effective ways to improve your cardiovascular training.

Follow along and pick the best movements for Strength Training for each muscle groups and finish with Cardiovascular Training to build endurance for our heart!

Here’s How You Do It!

  1. Print the Challenge worksheet. 
  2. Test your knowledge and find the muscle group that matches the movement
  3. Pick your fitness level for Interval Training Time
  4. Design Your Strength Training Workout 
  5. Design your Cardiovascular Training Workout 
  6. Learn the movements and complete your workout!

Continue to use our Fit For Me template to repeat challenges or make a completely new one for yourself. By repeating you may notice an increase of your strength and endurance. This is a good time to adjust your Interval Training times to increase the difficulty for you.

Submit your Challenge HERE by September 30, 2021 to receive a prize.

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