July 13, 2021
by KidsFit Health Educator

Fitness Fortune Teller

Switch up your next workout with the Fitness Fortune Teller. This tool is a great way to try something new. Bonus, it's even more fun when completed with friends! 

Here's How You Make It!

  1. Print the Fitness Fortune Teller.
  2. Cut along the dotted lines.
  3. Turn your paper so the white side is up.
  4. Fold each of the four corners of the square to the center.
  5. Flip over then fold each of the four corners to the center one more time.
  6. Fold paper in half one way and then the other. You should now see four pockets on the backside. 
  7. Slip one of fingers into each pocket of paper then pop into the fortune tell shape!

Here's How You Use It!

  1. Choose a food group from the outside of the  Fitness Fortune Teller.
  2. Spell the food group out loud while opening and closing the fortune teller with each letter.
  3. Choose a food from inside the fortune teller and repeat step 2.
  4. Choose a second food from inside the fortune teller and flip open that tab. 
  5. Complete the movement and reps listed inside!
  6. Repeat to create a fun & easy workout! 

PRO TIP: Use the blank template to create your own DIY Fitness Fortune Teller with your favorite food and movements! 


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