October 24, 2017
by Hy-Vee Dietitian

Go, Slow & Whoa

All food is good food, it just depends on how much you eat of the foods. Learn more about how to fuel your body with the foods that help us learn and perform better mentally, physically and emotionally.

What are GO, SLOW & WHOA foods?

  • "Go" Foods
    • Eat these anytime. The healthiest foods. Eat at every meal or snack.
  • "Slow" Foods
    • Eat these in moderation. Still can be eaten everyday but not at every meal.
  • "Whoa" Foods
    • Eat these as once in awhile, not everyday. The least nutritious foods.

Here's How You Do It!

  1. Assign a movement to each type of food.
    • Go Foods, run in place really fast.
    • Slow foods, slow motion run in place.
    • Whoa foods, freeze & hold up a stop sign hand.
  2. Play the video below and do the corresponding movements.
  3. Have fun!


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