January 15, 2019
by Daira

Heart Health Awareness

Did you know heart disease is the leading cause of death in the US? Fortunately, it is largely preventable. This means there are many things people can do to reduce the risk, such as being more active.

A simple reminder of four numbers 5-2-1-0 can help empower us to make better choices each day to help our heart health. 

  •  5

Eating 5 fruits or veggies per day helps you follow maintain a good dietary fiber to help prevent heart disease.

Try having a fruit or veggie at each meal or snack.

  • 2

Limiting screen time to 2 hours or less can improve sleep and lead to more movement as well as improving relationships with others which helps us deal with stress. Decreasing stress in our life can help you maintain good heart health.

Hold each other accountable with a friendly reminder to put down the devices. Replace with more conversations, reading or activities.

  • 1

Play 1-hour per day to strengthen your heart. Did you know your heart is a muscle? If we don’t play enough, our heart can become weaker.

Try planning a family walk or participate in the KidsFit 5-Week Challenge activities.

  • 0

Limit yourself to zero sugary sweetened drinks each day. Drinking more water helps your body perform better, making it easier on your heart to work.

Try adding fruit to water to make it more "fun" or drink your water out of a fancy glass.

Enjoy an activity you can do at home to help you all take your heart health to the next level together.

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