December 21, 2017
by Daira

Holiday Hustle

How long does it take you to complete the challenge starting from the top, working your way to the bottom?

25 Exercises. 25 Repetitions Each. 17 minutes or less.

  1. 25 Crab Toe Touches
  2. 25 Alternating Leg Drops
  3. 25 Squats
  4. 25 Bear Crawl Backward
  5. 25 High Knees
  6. 25 Seated Twist
  7. 25 Crab Walk Forward
    • No room for crab walks, do Crab Toe Touches again!
  8. 25 Sit-Ups
  9. 25 Plank Twist
  10. 25 Lunges
  11. 25 Push-Ups
    • Use stairs or a study table, counter to modify push-ups to your activity level.
  12. 25 Supermans

How can you get better?

  • If you like to keep score to monitor your personal progress.
  • If you hit the time cap of 17 minutes. Write down your total number of repetitions you completed.
    • Next time try to complete more repetitions in the time cap or make a goal to complete in under 17 minutes.
  • If you complete all 12 exercises in less than the time cap. Write down the time it takes you.
  • Next time try to complete the challenge in less time.


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