April 27, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

How To Adapt

Adapting means learning to live with and accept change. Adapting to new situations around us can be scary, but overtime it helps us grow into a better version of ourselves. Here are some steps that you can follow to make adapting to change a little bit easier!

  1. Recognize the change in your life
  • Watch what is happening around you and know when you are in a new situation.
  1. Adjust when you hit an obstacle.
  • When something gets tough try something new, stay confident in yourself and always do your best!
  1. Think about things in a new way. 
  • Accept change and choose to think about things differently, this will help you stay positive about change!

Practice the 3 steps of adapting with our Brain Busters worksheet!

Here’s How You Do it:

  1. Print off the Brain Busters worksheet.
  2. Learn how to recognize change by noticing the differences in each picture and write them down.
  3. Complete the maze activity to learn how to adjust when you hit an obstacle.
  4. Try to figure out the riddle by thinking about things in a new way.
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