March 1, 2021
by KidsFit Coach

Hunger, Satiation, & Satiety

You have probably heard the word HUNGER before and know that feeling hungry is your body’s way of telling you that it’s to refuel. But have you have heard the words SATIATION or SATIETY

HUNGER: Being hungry is a desire or need for food. This may feel like we have an empty stomach or cause our stomach to growl. Sometimes hunger can even make us grumpy!

SATIATION: Satiation occurs while eating and is your body’s sign that you are full and can stop eating. Listening to this sign helps us know how much food our body needs at each meal or snack and can prevent us from eating too much and getting a stomach ache!

SATIETY: You may have heard satiety described as being “full”.  This feeling occurs after eating and helps keep us feeling full between snacks and meals!

It is important to eat three meals and supplement with snacks throughout each day. Eating balanced meals can help your hunger and satiety cues trigger at the right time. This will help us eat the correct portions to keep our bodies fueled properly! 

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