June 18, 2020
by Joe Beckman

Guest Blog: Know Thyself

The infamous Greek Philosopher, Socrates was once asked by a student, “Sir, what is the key to a happy life?”  

The great philosopher thought, and thought and thought.  The student, waited anxiously for what he thought was for sure going to be a long and lengthy answer. I mean it was Socarates after all! However, when Socarates finally spoke, he said only 2 words. 

“Know thyself.”  

Mind blow! Think about it...one of the fundamental key ingredients to our personal happiness and spiritual wellness lies within our ability to know who we are and we stand for. Which begs the question, what do you stand for? What are the values that shape the decisions and choices you make every single day?

Spiritual wellness is another way of saying living a life of purpose.  Finding that purpose starts by identifying the values we stand for the most. The I Stand 4 This challenge will allow you to get incredibly clear on the values that you covet the most.   If and when you make choices that are in-line with the values your stand for, happiness can’t help but increase.

Here's How You Do It:

  1. Print your own Commitment Card
  2. Read the list of values, choose the three that mean the most to you
  3. Fill out your card
  4. Place in a spot where you’re going to see it everyday!

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