June 2, 2022
by Kraft

Mac Stack

Since Kraft introduced their signature Blue Box dinner in 1937, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese has aimed to bring you comfort and smiles, one bowl at a time. We’ve teamed up with Kraft to continue bringing the joy, this time in the form of competition and cups! 

Kraft Mac & Cheese cups are not only cheesy and delicious, they are also the perfect shape for stacking. Our friends at Kraft accepted the Design Your Own Sport Challenge and created the ultimate new sport, Mac Stack! Cup stacking is great for improving hand eye coordination and bilateral performance- the ability to move efficiently on both sides of the body.  In addition to physical skills, sports also help build character. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get stacking! 

Things to Grab!

  • 10 Kraft Mac & Cheese Cups for each player
  • Stopwatch
  • A good attitude! 

 Here’s How You Do It!

  1. Choose which stack you will be creating form the examples below and who will be stacking first.
  2. Start the stopwatch and have the first stacker recreate the stack as quickly as possible. Don’t forget to stop the stopwatch when they are finished!
  3. Give each player a chance to stack.  
  4. The person who stacked the fastest wins the round!
  5. Repeat with all three stacks or create your own stack design to keep the fun going!

PRO TIP: Add this game to your next scheduled Family Face-Off!

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