July 14, 2020
by KidsFit Trainer

Mind Right for Race Day

Preparing for a race or competition requires a lot of training and hard work. In order to perform your best on race day, you need to prepare your body with physical training. As important as it is to prepare your body, it’s equally as important to prepare your mind as well.

Using a tool called visualization can help you mentally prepare for the big day. Visualization is the practice of picturing yourself completing a movement, routine, or event. It is all about imagining yourself being successful during your race or competition. Practicing mental repetitions through visualization has many benefits:

  1. Stimulates the nervous system in almost the same way the actual activity does
  2. Improves physical performance
  3. Eases nerves or anxiety and improves confidence
  4. Helps you focus and deal with adversity during your competition

Incorporate this visualization routine into your pre-race training and get your mind ready to compete on the big day!

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