December 28, 2019
by KidsFit Coach

Pilot of Your Life

You are the pilot of your life. Every decision moves you along a unique journey. Continuing to learn helps guide your path, and what you learn might surprise you!  Print the Who Am I Challenge and discover more about YOU! 

Getting to know yourself helps you:

  • Increase confidence in strengths and weaknesses.
    • If you’re good at something, help others learn.  If you know you struggle in other areas, it’s okay to ask for help.
  • Try new things.
    • Learning or trying new things help us know what we prefer.
  • Make better choices.
    • When you know why something makes you happy, you can make better choices for you and others around you.
  • Reflect on past decisions.
    • Reflection can teach you a lot about why you did or did not enjoy something.

Take time to appreciate the qualities that make you unique!  As Dr. Seuss says, “Today you are you, and that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is you-er than you.”

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