April 17, 2017
by Daira Driftmier

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is an important life skill. We are all very busy with activities, school, church or sports. Planning ahead can help you be more successful at all of those important things in your life and also help you have more FUN!Weekly Planner 

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Print the Planner and write down your activities for the week. (Ask an adult for help if needed.)
  2. Put your Planner where you will see it every day.
  3. Repeat each week.

Tip: I like to check my Planner each night so I know what is happening tomorrow!

For example:

  • On Tuesday, I have softball practice after school, leaving no time to go home for a snack. I need to plan to bring a snack before practice otherwise I won’t have enough energy to do my best at practice.

  • On Saturday, I have a birthday party and a sleep over. I need to make sure I go to bed at a good time on Friday night so I have a lot of energy when I am with my friends.



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