June 2, 2022
by Paiton

Prescription Safety

When someone gets sick sometimes the best thing to get better is to take medicine that will fight off illnesses. However, if not taken correctly, prescription medications can do more harm than good! The most important part of taking prescriptions is to understand what the doctor wants you to do, how to read the label, and how to avoid it getting in the wrong hands.

Following Doctor's Orders

When you get medicine from the doctor there are specific guidelines that need to be followed for it to be effective. Doctor’s will give you a time frame that medications need to be taken for, how frequently they need to be taken, and things to avoid when taking them. It is important to follow these directions for the prescriptions to work as best they can and for no harm to come to the patient taking them. 

Reading the Label

A label on prescriptions is important to read and understand before taking or using new medications. The label will tell you 

  • the name of the medicine
  • how to use it the right way
  • how much you should take and how often
  • if there is anything to avoid when taking it
  • what side effects there could be
  • how often you should take it for the time frame that your doctor recommends.

This is a great reference to use after you leave the doctor if you have any questions.

Keeping Prescription in the Right Hands

Prescriptions can be helpful when they are needed, but can be harmful if they end up in the wrong hands. Medicines should be kept in a safe place and stored correctly to last longer and work better.

  • Keep medicines away from children and pets
  • Get rid of expired medicines or medicines that are no longer used
  • Store in a cool dry place, unless directed to do otherwise

Following these tips and steps will get you feeling better and keep you, and those around you, safe in the process!

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