February 10, 2017
by Daira Driftmier

Quality > Quantity

Getting hurt is not fun. Hy-Vee KidsFit wants you to preform QUALITY repetitions to strengthen your body. If you perform multiple repetitions with incorrect form, you could get hurt! PLUS, more is not always better. Learn how to use correct form while exercising to perform QUALITY repetitions.

As you go through the 5-Week Challenge you will notice weekly:

  • (RED) How-To’s and our
  • (BLUE) Challenge Days.
    • Start at the Rookie level then advance to Pro and then All-Star after you are confident in performing the exercises correctly.

When you perform exercises correctly it decreases your risk of injury. When your body is strong and prepared for exercising you are less likely to get hurt on the playground, playing sports or even just walking.

Don’t skip the small steps to build your body into a strong one!

“I guess it's safe to say that practice makes perfect. It makes sense, then, to be careful what you practice” – Richard Carlson, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff



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