March 25, 2019
by KidsFit Coach

Recycle & Recharge

Celebrate Earth Day to give back to our environment and our body!

How can we do this?

  •      Turn off the TV & play outside
  •      Planting a garden
  •      Recycling
  •      Using a re-usable water bottle

Earth Day is a chance to keep our planet healthy, it’s also a chance to make ourselves healthier too. Let’s use the same ideas we share about Earth and apply them to ourselves. Just like we take care of our environment we need to take care of our own bodies. Think of your body as your own personal environment, a place that we want to be strong, healthy, and happy! Keep our planet a happy and healthy place and focus on caring for our bodies too. 

Complete our Recycle and Recharge workout!

All you need:

  •      Yourself
  •      A little space
  •      5 minutes
  •      A family member or friend to motivate you to do your best

How to do it:

  1. Learn how to perform the movements
  2. Set a timer to 4 minutes and 22 seconds, to honor Earth Day (4/22)
  3. Hit start & recycle your way through the exercises to complete as many rounds as you can!
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