April 17, 2019
by Delta Dental of Iowa Foundation

Rethink Your Drink with Delta Dental

Added sugars can sneak up on you!

Candy is often considered a “treat,” while juice, chocolate milk and sports drinks are considered a “normal” part of a packed lunch or after-school snack. Even labels that read “All Natural” may not be as healthy as they appear.

Sneaky sugar sources—like the ones listed below—are why we encourage you to rethink your drink and consume more WATER.

Challenge: Chart Your Water Intake

Create a friendly competition in your house. Check out the Challenge HERE! 


  •  Sports drinks
    • Because of electrolytes, sports drinks are popular among endurance athletes and a refreshing drink for kids. But unless you’re breaking a serious sweat, they may not always be as healthy as you think. One 20-ounce bottle can contain about 9 teaspoons of added sugar.
  • Chocolate milk
    • While chocolate milk may provide a source of protein and calcium, it still contains added sugar. Just one 8-ounce glass has about 4 teaspoons of added sugar.
  • Orange juice
    • Orange juice is packed with Vitamin C, making it healthy to have occasionally. However, even if it’s 100% juice, which contains no added sugar, an 8-ounce glass still contains between 6 and 7 teaspoons of sugar
  • Cola
    • You may turn to cola for a bubbly treat or an energy boost, but because that energy boost comes from added sugar, it won’t last very long. A 12-ounce can of cola contains nearly 10 teaspoons of added sugar


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