August 12, 2022
by Paiton

Save, Spend, & Donate

Financial Wellness is all about learning to manage money and living within your means. Budgeting is a skill many individuals don’t learn until early adulthood. Counting money, saving for something special or helping with grocery shopping are all great ways to start understanding financial wellness at a young age!

Get a head start on your financial wellness by taking the Save, Spend & Donate Challenge! Saving, spending and donating money are three big parts of learning to budget your money. Throughout life there are things to spend on, save on and give to, this challenge will help these concepts seem simple!

Here’s How You Do It:

  1. Choose something you want to spend money on soon.
  2. Choose something you want to save money for.
  3. Choose an organization or something you would like to donate to.
  4. Make a goal for each category.
  5. Set an end date!

Print Jar Labels or the Save, Spend & Donate Challenge!


  • Talking to your children about simple ways you budget is a great way to bring awareness to financial budgeting. Ask them to read price tags at the grocery store or count the change the cashier gives back.
  • Counting money is a great skill to work on with your kids before introducing budgeting concepts.
  • When choosing a cause to give back to, consider asking your child their opinion. They may surprise you with their ideas to give back!
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