November 19, 2019
by Hy-Vee KidsFit Coach

Season of Giving

The holiday season is a wonderful time to display generosity towards others.  This can look different for everyone, but in general, being ready and willing to give to others is what makes this character trait meaningful.Care Cards

Giving doesn’t always mean buying things for other people.  You can show your friends and family you are thinking of them by donating your time, showing a random act of kindness, or even volunteering to help those in need.

These acts of giving can improve our own health, too.  Among many other benefits, giving to others can:

  1. Improve mental health. Giving to others makes us feel good, and lifts our mood.
  2. Boost happiness. The act of giving releases endorphins, which make us feel happier and help us smile.
  3. Lower stress. Stress levels lower when you act selflessly and put others first.
  4. Improve relationships. Giving to friends and family shows them they matter.  When they feel appreciated, your relationship with them improves.

Kindness and generosity are contagious!  Let others know you’re thinking of them with our Printable Care Cards.  Print them, fill them in, and give them to anyone who you appreciate.

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