March 25, 2020
by KidsFit Coach

Social Distancing

Your school may have closed, mom and dad may be working from home and your favorite restaurant may be carry out only, but why? Well it’s probably due to Social Distancing. Social distancing is an approach used to help slow down the spread of disease. The idea is if we stop gathering in large groups, then less people will be exposed to disease, which help limits the number people getting sick.

But KidsFit, how can I stay connected?

Great question! There are so many ways to stay connected while social distancing. We suggest taking the time to really connect with those in your own home, maybe start with our blog post Sharing Family Stories of Your Name. If you are missing your friends set up a time to call and complete the KidsFit Video Chat Combat.

What if I get bored?

Check out our 30 Days of Play blog! We compiled 30 of our best activities to help families stay active and have fun while at home. For more at-home fun, join the KidsFit team every morning at 9:00 AM for KdisFit At Home, where we will work you through a workout the whole family can join in on. You can even try KidsFit Social Distancing BINGO, can you fill the whole card?

Hey KidsFit, this all seems a little scary…

That’s okay… this is a new and unusual situation, whatever you are feeling is okay. Kids, make sure to talk to the adults in your life about how you’re feeling. Grown-ups, be honest with your kids and don’t be afraid to ask other’s for help if you aren’t sure how to answer their questions.

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