January 11, 2022
by Paiton


Sports can be a very fun way to stay active! The tricky part about sports is that most of us may enjoy them more when we win. Learning to have fun, keep a good attitude and learn from our mistakes even when we lose are all parts of good sportsmanship.  

  1. Always congratulate the other team! Winning is fun and the other team deserves the chance to feel proud of what they have accomplished just as you would if you were on the other side. Afterall, the golden rule in both sports and life is to treat others the way we want to be treated!
  2. Use each competition as a learning experience. Reflect on your performance after each competition. Is there a skill you could work on that would improve your performance? Use our PPR method to problem solve any performance woe you are facing!  
  3. Build up your teammates. We have all had tough days, games or practices. Be the teammate you need in hard times for those around you!
  4. Never give up! Practice makes perfect and KidsFit is here to help. Hone in on your skills and take your talent to the next level with our Sport Specific training videos! 

Win or lose, competition is a great way to challenge yourself! Start today with some of our favorite competitive KidsFit activities! 

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