July 3, 2020
by KidsFit Trainer

Swimming 101

Swimming can be a really fun activity, but it’s also typically the most difficult portion of the race. It’s a full body activity that will require a lot of energy and focus.

Here’s 3 tips to help you succeed at swimming during a race:

  1. Safety First
    • Never swim alone, always have adult supervision.
    • Before you start swimming for distance, practice being comfortable in the water
    • Practice in a pool before you moving to open water.
  2. Practice good swimming techniques and mechanics
    • You’ll want to do a front crawl because it’s the fastest and most efficient swimming stroke, imagine pulling the water back with your hands as you kick.
    • Keep your head down, and body in a straight line.
    • Body should rotate side to side with each stroke.
    • Breathe every 2-3 strokes and breathe to the side.
  3. Train properly
    • Train swimming no more than 2x per week.
    • Start by swimming shorter distances and work your way up.
    • Perfect your swimming stroke before swimming long distances, this will help make those longer distances easier.

Remember these tips when you train for your race and you will be a much more successful on the water!

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