March 3, 2015
by Daira Driftmier

Warm-Up & Cool-Down

Before we start exercising we need to WARM-UP! Warm muscles reduces risk of injury. Warming up also helps you become more flexible so you won’t be stiff when you workout.

Here’s an example WARM-UP to use before exercising:

  • High knees                                    10 each leg

  • Arm Circles Forward                   10 repetitions

  • Arm Circles Backward                10 repetitions

  • Jumping Jacks                            10 repetitions

                                   *Repeat 2 times*

You may work up a light sweat by the end of your second round, which is perfect! You are ready to exercise.

Tips before starting a exercises:

  1. Understand the workout before starting. For example, 3 rounds for time means you will be doing the workout as fast as you can and your SCORE will be your ending time.

  2. Practice the exercises in the activity before pushing play. You will feel more comfortable and it helps you avoid watching the screen throughout the workout.

  3. Smile. Everything is more fun and easier when you have a good attitude.

  4. Put on your favorite music and work up a sweat!!

After you have completed the exercise activity, it is important to COOL DOWN. A proper cool-down will help reduce muscle soreness.

Here’s an example COOL DOWN to use after exercising:

Be PROUD of yourself today!