May 7, 2021
by Shelley Twigg

Water Safety

Most children are drawn to water. It's fun to splash. It's inviting and sparkly. But water safety is no laughing matter. Anyone can have a water-related accident — even children who know how to swim. To keep your children safe in and near the water, follow these tips below!

  • Never swim alone. Children should be supervised at all times by a parent. Remember it is the lifeguards job to enforce rules, scan, rescue, and resuscitate. It is a parents responsibilty to supervise.  Even the most proficient swimmers should swim with a buddy. 
  • Get quality swim lessons for your child. American Academy of Pediatrics says most children 4 and older can learn how to swim. 
  • If you have a home pool fence it in, cover it, and supervise! Also, install alarms on the house door that leads to a pool area, invest in a floating pool alarm and or underwater pool alarm. 
  • Beware of drains. Do not allow children to play near or sit on a pool or hot tub drain. Drains have strong suction and can entrap children.
  • Wear a life jacket when boating, fishing, tubing, or playing on a dock. 
  • NEVER dive into shallow water.
In order to have a safe and fun filled summer it is important to be proactive about your water safety plan. Start the conversation on the importance of water safety with your kids today!
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