August 16, 2021
by KidsFit Health Educator

What is Health Literacy?

Literacy is the ability to read and write. Health is the state of being free from illness or disease. Together, health literacy means being able to find, understand, and use information or services to make health-related decisions. 

Only 12% of adults in the United States have proficient health literacy. This means that the majority of adults in the U.S. struggle when making choices about their healthcare because they do not have enough information. Developing health literacy skills early in life can help improve quality of life for upcoming generations!

You can start educating yourself today with Hy-Vee KidsFit. Learn more about the pillars of KidsFit and how they can increase health literacy!


EAT: This icon represents recipes and nutrition tips to help you understand the food you fuel your body with and how it effects your overall health.


PLAY: This icon marks workouts and activities not only help you stay physically fit but they will help you learn how to build exercise routines. 


LEARN: This icon labels articles that will cover unique health topics and show you how you can apply it to your everyday life. 


CHALLENGE: This icon marks KidsFit Challenges. The purpose of this content is to well, CHALLENGE YOU! Without facing challenges, we would never improve! 

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