November 22, 2020
by KidsFit Team

Teequa Knapp - Dietitian

EAT: What is your number one snacking tip? 

Portion out your fruits and vegetables so that they are an easy grab and go item in your refrigerator

PLAY: What is your favorite way to PLAY with your family? I enjoy mixing it up and try to incorporate my kids into my routine by going on walks or runs with them in the neighborhood. My kids like to see if they can out run me.

LEARN: What is your favorite part of the KidsFit Club? 

My favorite part of the KidsFit Club is seeing how proud the kids are when they pass their goals or beat their time in the different KidsFit challenges. 

CHALLENGE: How do you encourage others to be All-Stars? 

You can be an All-Star too! Simply set goals, strive to reach them and never stop trying. I like to challenge myself by setting monthly goals. Sometimes these goals are centered around eating, exercise or self-care. Lately these goals have been to stay connected with friends and family, as the pandemic has separated us.


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