April 7, 2020
by Jake Potratz

Speed & Agility Ladder

For this training session we’re going to do some speed ladders and agility drills to develop speed, agility and coordination.

These are some very important sports specific skills that will make you a better athlete no matter what sport you play.

While these activities may be sport specific, anyone can get in on the action! These are skills and abilities than can benefit everyone. And most of all they are a fun way to get up and active!


All You Need: 

  • Cones, tape, chalk, or any material to mark off a grid
  • 12 feet of space to move
  • A Timer

Here's How You Set It Up:

For the speed ladders:

  • Set 5 cones/lines of tape up
  • Space them out 2 feet apart, in a straight line

For the cone drill:

  • Set 6 cones up
  • Space them out in two lines of 3
  • Each cone should be about 5 feet away from each other

Here's How You Do It:

  1. Set up your ladder and cones
  2. Follow along with the video
  3. Try your best and have fun!