April 1, 2021
by Annie

Meet Annie!

Annie Castenson, Hy-Vee KidsFit Brand Manager

BA in Sports Management; Minor in Management

  • How do you like to move? 

I like to move by switching things up! I do this through daily HIIT classes at Orangetheory Fitness, exploring new walking routes with my dog, and always incorporating music. Adding music is an easy way to make moving more fun, especially when you have a playlist that helps get you going!

  • What is your favorite snack?

Anything with peanut butter involved! Whether it’s pretzels or apples, I have to have PB to go with! 

  • How do you challenge yourself?

I get better by surrounding myself with people who have strengths in areas that are my weaknesses. Many of my closest friends and colleagues are people who are very different than me, which is why our relationships flourish. I find it beneficial to step out of your comfort zone in tough situations with people who think differently than you, because it allows you to see the world around you in a different way. 

  • What do you do for fun?

I LOVE to decorate! I’m always searching for items that help make my home a place I feel most comfortable and where I can relax and recharge. 

  • What did you do for fun as a kid?

As a kid, I was always outside! Whether it was on my bike, on the trampoline or at my grandparents’ pool. I also was a big sports lover and wanted tried everything – I even gave baton a whirl! 

  • What is your favorite quote?

“Do what you love. Love what you do.”

I put this quote into everything I do – whether it is work, my relationships or day-to-day tasks. I am the person who gives their all when it comes to things I am passionate about, or care deeply for, and I have never been good at “faking it until I make it”, so I don’t try to! 

  • What animal would you be and why?

I would be an otter. Otters have a positive energy about them, and it overflows to those around them. They also are highly committed to their companions, which is something I pride myself on.

  • What is your role on the KidsFit team and why is it important to you?

As the Program Coordinator, it is my responsibility to plan, organize and execute the details of our KidsFit events, program branding and social media. I do a lot of behind the scenes work to make sure we are doing what we need to do now, so we can do what we want to do in the future.

I see my role on the KidsFit team as the glue. I’m not the MVP, but I also know the program could crumble if I didn’t give my best every day. I am the one people lean on when they need a pick-me-up, or someone to bring them down during a stressful situation. I am very lucky to be on a team where I feel extremely valued and also needed!

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